Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Cerneau Rite


Ancient & Accepted Scottish Cerneau Rite -1804 - Southern Jurisdiction has overwatch of the thirty degrees of the Scottish Cerneau Rite and are conferred by several controlling bodies. 


 The first three degrees are conferred in the Symbolic Lodge, which confers the Apprentice, Companion (Fellowcraft), and Master Degree. Although Symbolic Lodges operate under their own authority, in the Cerneau Rite, the Grand Lodges are governed under the auspice of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Cerneau Rite.


Attainment of the third Masonic degree, that of a Master Mason, represents the attainment of the highest rank in all of Masonry Additional degrees such as those of the AASCR are sometimes referred to as appendant degrees, even where the degree numbering might imply a hierarchy. They represent a lateral movement in Masonic education rather than an upward movement, and are degrees of instruction rather than rank.

Honorary Degrees
Grand Inspector General (Honorary) 33°

The Thirty-third Degree is conferred by the Supreme Council upon members of the Rite in recognition of outstanding service to the Rite, or in public life, to the principles taught in the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Cerneau Rite. A Sublime Prince may be recommended by their Illustrious Commander-in-Chief, to the Deputy of the Orient of their State at a Council of Deliberation held in their respective state annually. The Deputy will then send their State allocation to the Sovereign Nine of the Supreme Council for their approval.  This Degree can ONLY be conferred at a Supreme Council session which is held annually. 

Sovereign Grand Inspector General (Active) 33°

Sovereign Grand Inspector General are active members of the Supreme Council. This is the highest ranking officer of the Rite within their Orient, and, in relation to the Rite, their powers are similar to those of a Grand Master of the Symbolic Craft subject, however, to The Supreme Council and the Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander.

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